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Burning with Passion

EE Mission


|| life starts here ||

On a scale of 1 to 10, how fulfilling would you say your life is? And what will take you to a 10?

Would it change in either direction if God were in your life?

As young people look for fulfilment and identity in the process of growing up, Youth EE captures the hearts and minds of young people by challenging their status quo of life and introducing Jesus into their world. Jesus offers us life to the full and we believe that our lives will change radically with the Truth in us!

What it is?

Through XEE, believers step out of their comfort zone, find common ground with their peers, and share the Gospel effectively in their journey with God.

This is an interactive DVD driven workshop instead of lectures. Trainees learn to connect, share and multiply through discussion groups facilitated by experienced trainers.

The workshops serve to address the following:

Who Should Attend?

Youth Pastors, Youth ministry heads and leaders, young adults and youths with a heart for the lost.

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